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Amazing Amp!!!!

I've had this amp for at least 6 years!! Still works perfectly pushes everything I hook it up to from 300 watt 8s to 2000 watt 15s it's currently running a custom built 15 inch subwoofer with a wolfram basket and motor and flat wound coil with 3 spiders and 8 guage leads it bumps all day long for years very reliable I highly recommend this amp fyi it's also just like all ct amps very under rated steve Meade has a YouTube video this amp does 2200 @1 ohm and 14.4 v check it out!!!! If you need real power on a budget this is the amp for you!!!

I highly recommend getting this sub it is the best 10” sub I’ve ever heard it hits pretty hard for a 10

Love these Speakers

They looked really good when I opened them up

Very very nice sub!

I bought this sub to replace my tropo xl and very glad that I did. This thing is a monster! Great sound and very hard hitting. I really like it!

I haven’t had time to hook them up but they look like they are gonna sound great🔊🔊😎

I’m going to blow my truck off the frame,!

Well I got my second 2000 watt amp!


MESO65-4 are very high quality speakers at an amazing price, and got it even cheaper because they were on sale. Speaker sound quality is so crisp just using OE head unit and hope to get an amp to get the full potential out of these speakers.

F150 under seat build meso 6.5

Bought 2 ct sounds meso 6.5 for a pickup truck build. Then I bought 2 more. Currently using all 4 in a 1.5cu ported enclosure tuned to 30hz. For such a small driver these surprised me with there output potential and clarity. I am averaging 125db on music and peaking 130db at 30hz sine. Plan to add two more to finish the build off. These subs can take a good amount of power with ease. Thanks for a great product at a great price.


I'm in love with ct just got to get a better alternator

Looks good shipping was on point can’t wait to hook them up


I have tried a lot of 6.5s and these are some of the best sounding and produce some of the strongest mid bass I have heard. And I don't even have my system all hooked up yet because I am redoing almost everything so they will be getting even more power once I get my lithium bank in and my singer alternator.

Mighty 8

Very well built sub. The 800rms is conservatively rated. It looks so great with the white basket and chrome magnet, that you have to show it off inverted or with plexi glass.

Far superior product for the money

I got this EQ to replace one I had from a competitor (DS). At first glance they would appear identical but far from it. Just picking them up side by side you immediately feel the difference. The CT one is much heavier and sturdier feeling. Seriously it’s like comparing a Prius to a C-10 truck and the difference is much more than just the gauge of the sheet metal. You can literally feel the night and day difference in the knobs. One feels like a cheap toy and the other feels like a quality built piece of “pro audio” equipment. Hell even the manual and packaging are far superior. The other brand didn’t even come with any diagrams on how to install it or nothing it literally said “ it should be installed by a professional” and something to the effect of if you don’t know how to install it bring it somewhere. Granted I knew how to install it but still what kinda s*^t is that???. Also I want to add this is the 2nd CT sounds product I’ve bought and unlike the competition stuff it’s cheap but It last. The 6.5” speakers I bought have been taking a beating for about a year at a little more power RMS than what they are supposed to take and they still hanging tuff. Sometimes they smell like I BarBQued them but after they cool back down they are fine. Unlike that other company’s speakers that sounds great for about a week then like garbage and they keep blowing with less power than they are rated at.. I plan on eventually replacing my subs and ALL my equipment with CT sounds stuff when I get my money right. If you are skeptical about purchasing anything from CT sounds like I was the first time, don’t be , I’m an old head and have been beating up the block for decades and have used almost every brand over the years and CT sounds Is where it’s at !!! just pull the trigger already!!! You will not be disappointed. Dollar for dollar you won’t find a better product

1000 watts

Have I hooked it up yet but it looks to be very sounds dirty supporter of mine project

Beautiful amp

This is a powerhouse with clean power. It is literally destroying my Sundown e12s. I was stuck between this and the jp23. I'm glad I went this route. I may get ct subs when these decide to let go. Would highly recommend this amp


I've bought two dvc 2 ohm subs now I need one more subwoofer for them to be at 1.33 ohms

First time maker

This is the first subox I ever made. Man, was I impressed. The box was for an 8 inch subwoofer that I didn't know would hit as hard as it does. The plan was exactly what I wanted and superceded my expectations.

Great looking subs.

The Exo 12" are great looking subs, well designed. I can't wait to hear them. Great look, good design, fast delivery. Just have to get my electrical right in my vehicle first. Looking forward to breaking these baby's in.

Great amp!!!!

Ct sounds amps even the entry level are always under rated and will always perform above expectancy thanks ct!!!

Not sure yet haven’t installed yet

I am having it installed right now haven't received my car back yet but I will let you know how everything go thank you for being concerned

Mind blowing Instant Gratification

I was a little hesitant at first trying a company I’ve never tried before. I can tell you that learned real fast that CtSounds runs with the big boy. I was wanting to replace my 3 Rockville 8” subs with something a little bigger. So I went with two ozone 10” SPL subs. I was not disappointed. I realized fast they wanted more then what my 1000watt amp could give. So I got my hands on the CtSounds 2000.1d amp to pair them with and I was amazed. All my friends thought I had 15”s in the back of my explorer. They hit so hard and clean and they get low. Really low. The quality of everything they produce is way above the price they ask for. I am now a CT fan for life. Skar and Rockville can’t even compare to CTs. “And to to company themselves, Keep up the good work” I’ll be back soon to buy one or two more of these subs.

Not to shabby.

Great amp

CTSounds are making remarkable, affordable products . They sound good , look good . I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again